Monday, October 13, 2008

Cowboy Down, Time to Move

News out of Dallas is that Tony Romo will miss 4 weeks with a pinkie injury.

In the next for 4 weeks the Cowboys play the Rams, Bucs, Giants, and then their bye.

Can Brad Johnson lead the team to more than 1 W in those 3 match-ups? Johnson is a good game manager, but not sure how much is left is the arm at his age. Bye, bye vertical passing game. Instead a lot of Barber and Jones should be in the plans. (T.O. explode yet?!?)

Sitting only a game back, the Eagles can hopefully make up some ground on the Cowboys with upcoming match-ups against the Falcons and Seahawks. But if the Eagles of yesterday continue to show up, these next 2 games aren't exactly gimmees for the Eagles.

But enough about the Cowboys, when the hell are the Giants ever going to lose???

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