Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good News For Juqua

Keep going all out my man. Worried about burning out as the season progresses...nah, not this year. 4 games, 3.5 sacks, a forced fumble, constant pressure on the QB...keep it up!

With the news of L.J. (excuse me if I don't clap on this one) and B-West finding their way back to practice yesterday, the news that DE Victor Abiamiri had gotten the surgical screws removed from his wrist might have gotten overlooked (should also begin practicing soon). This news is HUGE (OK, to be fair the B-West news is HUGE)!

Parker's strong start to the 2008 season is not surprising to Eagle fans. We saw the same type of results last year at the start. High energy, constant QB pressure, better than decent stats. Unfortunately as the season progressed, Parker's (or at that time Thomas) production began to decrease as his body wore down from the heavy workload. With Kearse a BUST and Abiamiri only a rookie, the options for substitutions were limited. Not this year, if Abiamiri can recover quickly.

We must not forget that before the wrist injury Abiamiri was projected as the starting DE opposite Cole. So if the Eagles can evaluate talent, we should be getting back a pretty significant contributor in Abiamiri. Abiamiri's size makes him an ideal run stopping DE. Parker is then able to conserve his body / energy to continue to bring QB heat for 16 weeks.

As Clemons can't seem to find his way on to the field, here's to a speedy recovery Victor. Juqua needs you!

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