Monday, October 20, 2008

Here's Kevin

Reports are that Kevin Curtis will be back in action this week against the Falcons. Call it a hunch, by I am thinking that Curtis has more of an impact than Roy Williams did in his first game with the Cowboys.

Sure Curtis may not by your prototypical #1 WR, but he is as close to a #1 as the Eagles have on their roster. I'll take his 2007 stats (77, 1110, 6) on my team any year.

Now we just have to hope that Reid is smart and starts Curtis alongside DeSean. Reggie Brown of this year or of year's past has not earned the right to start for this Eagles team. The Eagles best playmaking options at WR are DeSean and Curtis. Case closed. Brown can be worked into the mix with Baskett and Avant.

Oh yea, #36 appears to be ready to roll too. It is Sunday yet? How about Wednesday?

Aren't you glad you are not Tom Coughlin, Wade Phillips, or Brett Favre today?

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