Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here's An Obvious Option at Fullback - Tapeh!

Are we really to believe that a DT is truly the answer at FB for the Eagles? I love Klecko's motor and hustle, but he is a DT. (I still can't believe that at Week 7 we are still talking about finding a FB!)

So if the Eagles already cut Hunt, who should be playing FB for the Eagles? How about a familiar face? How about Thomas Tapeh. Reports are that the Vikings have parted ways with Tapeh.

Why the hell not? I know Reid wanted a full back who could play FB and special teams, but at this point why not just get someone who gets the FB duties correct? B-West was the man last year with Tapeh leading the way. Tapeh knows the system.

Seems so obvious to me, guess it's wait and see now.


Anonymous said...

great call - please track AR down at the nearest Denny's and wake him up to this!! then get Hunt back and release booker & matt schobel and akeem jordan or terrible tank daniels instead.

Anonymous said...

Look the reason Chilly released him. shot horse..