Sunday, October 12, 2008

How To Get Rid of L.J. Smith

Bye, bye L.J.? It is simple. Offer the Chiefs a 3rd round draft pick and Tony Gonzalez could be wearing Eagles green.

The Eagles need to finally admit their mistake with L.J. and go "pedal the metal" and upgrade the TE position for McNabb. Gonzalez is still a threat over the middle and in the red zone. Gonzalez also would limit the double coverages that DeSean is seeing.

And if for no other reason, the Eagles should be interested to keep Gonzalez away from the Giants!

L.J. or a future Hall of Famer (even an aging one)...a no brainer. And heck, maybe Gonzalez would even be able to get his goal line blocking assignments right!


Reluctant Midwesterner said...

I'm an Eagles fan living in Columbia, Mo and I was on the "Tony to Philly" tip early in the season. Most of my "native" friends here in Columbia are Chiefs fans. They are 100% behind this move. Tony is a class guy and needs to finish his career on a *cough**cough* winning team. I think the Carolina first and a third for Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzales would cure a lot ills for the Eagles.
Joe from Columbia...MIZ ZOU!

chris klinkner said...

one percent agree with your trade!

Anonymous said...

KC is asking a 1st rounder. NYG is trying to pass two 2nd