Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Blame Dr. Z

Gotta have someone to blame right? 12-4, I was an idiot and believed the hype. Super Bowl bound, I was an idiot and believed the hype. Dr. Z is an idiot. My common sense has now returned.

Let's see last year the Eagles finished 8-8 and in the NFC East basement.

In the off-season they bid against themselves for a player at a position they were already strong at (Asante Samuel). They brought in a stud pass rusher who now isn't even good enough to get on the field (Clemons). They brought in a RB who also can't get on the field (Booker). They anointed a FB who can't block (Hunt).

L.J. might as well be hurt again as his production is zip. Akers still can't hit the long one. WRs still can't catch (get Greg Lewis the hell off the team!). Reid still can't manage the clock or make in-game adjustments. OK, they managed to get lucky on their second 2nd round draft pick.

So in short, we are looking at the same team as last year. Is anyone really shocked that the Eagles are 2-3 and again in the basement of the NFC East. You shouldn't be.

Here's to a long playoff run by the Phillies. Oh yea, David Akers, you SUCK!


colonel said...

I bet if you put about 100 lbs on that guy he would look like Andy Reid! That's who to blame. He built the team, badly. He coached the team, badly.

I am so tired of hearing Andy say "I need to do a better job." When are you going to do it? It's been 10 years. In most businesses, if you are in a position for 10+ years you are considered a senior person, and don't need to do "a better job". You should already be doing that "better job" and in fact teaching others. The only thing Andy is teaching is what not to do!

Anonymous said...

Reid is done here. Lurie must wake up and kick Santa Clause out of the chimney

Anonymous said...

What is value of Samuel? Last two games - penalties and sloppy coverage. If Reid has any marbles left in his donut stuffed head he must snatch Williams out of Detroit while there is still time.

colonel said...

Unfortunately, I think Reid is here for a long time. Lurie doesn't know football. There is nobody who Reid is accountable to that knows football, so he'll mumble something and Lurie and Banner will see the money still flowing in, because the Linc is pre-sold for the next 100 years and then some. As long as the team doesn't totally embarrass themselves(like 5 - 11 or 6 - 10), Reid will say something about "having to do a better job" and making off season changes. The bills will then go out for the season tickets, everybody will pay their bills and we will go into another off season with silly picks and a mediocore season.

Go Phillies!