Monday, October 27, 2008

I Wanna Be The Eagles Coach!

I wanna be coach of the Philadelphia Eagles when I grow up! During his Monday PC, Reid said a few things of interest regarding our Phillies:

- "You know what, they're going to win."

- "I'm going to be pulling hard for the Phillies and Charlie. I happened to be at that game [game 3] and that place was electric over there. I'll have the red on today."

Reid also noted that when the parade rolls around all he has to do is open the curtains of his Broad St. office for a view of the party.

What a life, tickets to game #3 of the World Series, a front-row view of the parade, and getting a muffed punt that was never muffed. If we all could be so lucky in life!

It's also good to see the Eagles showing some love for the Phillies. If anyone knows how difficult it is to win in this city it's Andy. Or maybe Andy is just hoping that a World Series title will satisfy the city and will keep the fans and media off his back for the rest of the season.

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colonel said...

And don't forget, Andy seems to have a permanent free pass from his boss....who wouldn't love that, and a field level, 50 yard line seat to all of the Eagles games!