Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Impressive 3-3 Record

Maybe I am a glass half full guy this morning. But can you really be too down on the Eagles for only managing a 3-3 record? True there were some obvious opportunities for them to be maybe 5-1 or 4-2, but with the injuries that they have suffered, 3-3 is pretty damn respectable.

Put your hate for Reid aside. Put your displeasure for the Front Office on the back burner. And think, how many other teams could manage to be competitive week in and week out WITHOUT their top RB, their top WR, and their top OL? Come on, think about it. Not many teams.

How would the Redskins be without Moss and Portis? Same goes for the Cowboys and Giants without T.O. and Barber or Burress and Jacobs? A .500 record would be a struggle for these teams.

And we aren't just talking about a team's top RB with Westbrook. Without B-West and his 2,104 yards from scrimmage last season, the Eagles are missing one of the league's top offensive talents, a top 3 RB in the entire NFL. Same goes for Shawn Andrews, who is an All-Pro guard. And you can't slight Curtis either. 1110 receiving yards isn't too shabby.

Sure there have been some goofs through the first 6 games, but let's give the Eagles a break. They aren't exactly playing with their full compliment of stars. This Sunday everyone should be healthy. No more excuses after Sunday.

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