Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering - Kearse, McDougle, & Clemons

Hands down, Juqua Parker is the beast of the bunch. But in comparison how are 2 cast-offs and one huge off-season signing making out?

From the mouth of Kearse he is "feeling resurrected, I don't feel any added pressure. As long as I am put in the right situation I can go out there and be me. I'm feeling good.''

And the stats for the Freak aren't all that bad:
- 17 tackles, 1.5 sacks and six quarterback pressures

Jerome McDougle, well he hasn't been so productive:
-1 tackle in the 2008 season...that's all folks!

Chris Clemons, well things could be looking up as he was finally able to get on the field as a DE this past weekend against the 49ers. He didn't have any sacks or tackles, but he did come up with the huge 4th quarter fumble recovery. Just like when he signed the big off-season contract, he was again in the "right spot at the right time!" For 2008, Clemons has 4 special team tackles.

Nothing to be proud of, but Kearse is winning through 6 weeks.

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