Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering - Matt McCoy (Arrested)

And you thought the Eagles draft woes were limited to running backs (Hunt, Moats, draft trade for Booker). Well the draft goofs also happen at LB. Remember Matt McCoy, the Eagles second round draft pick in 2005? No shame if you don't, he never did anything of value for the Eagles.

But McCoy has made news for himself today. McCoy was arrested this morning for a DUI. In case you were wondering, he is currently playing for the Bucs. Well not exactly playing (3rd stringer), but he is on the roster.

It boggles my mind that with the paychecks these athletes receive that they can't hire a driver or hail a cab before / after an evening out. Safer for them and safer for everyone else on the roads!

Yea the draft is a crap shoot, but it is kind of funny, the Eagles refused to trade for All-Pro Tony Gonzalez because a 2nd rounder or one Matt McCoy was the asking price!


Anonymous said...

another great draft pick...reid is an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Heckert is an idiot too

Anonymous said...

Final bit of overwhelming evidence that the Eagles do not want to admit mistakes, correct them, and want to win NOW is not giving up a 2nd round pick+ for Tony Gonzalez. They could even throw L.J at KC as a replacement. Lurie is putting a petal (flower) to the metal, not a pedal. He, Reid and Banner are a joke. Makes me want to root against them but that's against my nature.