Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering: Tick, tick, tick, tick

We probably shouldn't pay any attention to the antics of Owens, but it is just too fun not to (our attention should be on the NY G-Men, as I think they might be the best of the bunch).

Owens' latest blabbering was aimed at the ESPN crew (specifically Sheshawn Johnson) and a few more minor shots at Romo.

My friends this is only the beginning. Wait until the Cowboys lose 2 or 3 in a row, Owens "I love me some me" Owens is going to blow. Loving it! Or better yet, Romo starts forcing the ball to T.O., and then 6 points the other way!!

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Anonymous said...

Please stop with the T.O. garbage. You Eagle fans will grasp at anything in hopes that they will fall. Fact is, Terrell is Terrell and he can say whatever he wants. The bottom line is he does what he does on the field and is lightyears better than ANY WR The Eagles have. Jerry Jones paid T.O. with the full knowledge that this would happen on occassion. Romo can handle it and the team knows how to handle him as well. SO SHUTUP!

Anonymous said...

Check back in a few weeks and let me know if Romo and the girls can still handle the T.O. drama :)

Anonymous said...

JJones isn't Andy Reid he will get a leash back on TO. That is TO's last chance to play for a winning NFL team. Nobody is interested to know what he is doing anyways. We got our own TO to worry about - Lito. Tick tick tick..