Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is This Thing Contagious?

Winning, can the blueprint be shared with the city's other 3 teams?

A Philadelphia fan can really get used to winning night in and night out, get used to making long runs through the playoffs, get used to having the nation's eyes focused on us during a championship series or game.

The Phillies are going to spoil the Philly sports fans. Yea, it's still early, World Series titles are won after 4 Ws not 1. Even on a night where there was more wrong than right, the Phillies ended victoriously. I feel bad for the Rays if Howard and Rollins ever figure out what do do with a bat. Spoiled, the Philly fan...really? Even harder to believe is the Philly fan being a champion...could it be? The dream is inching closer and closer to becoming a reality.

So IF the Phillies are able to close the deal, how will the Sixers, Flyers, and Eagles react? For this post, more specifically, how will the Eagles react?

In my 20+ years as an Eagles fan the Eagles have owned the city of Philadelphia. It has always been the Eagles perched high, live and die with the Green. The Eagles were always thought to give the city their best chance to end the title drought nightmare.

Recent history had the Eagles the closet to making title dreams a reality. Four trips to the NFC Championship game and one trip to the Super Bowl. In the end the four seasons would end in disappointment. But what did the Eagles have to worry about, they were the city's main attraction, the fans would be back and be patient as they tried to figure out the final pieces of the championship puzzle.

Well that patience is going to run awfully thin if the Phillies become champs. Hell, a quick pulse check of the Eagles fan base this season shows that fans are already jumping ship. Moves (or lack of moves) by the Front Office are heavily criticized and game time decisions of the coaching staff are being ridiculed. The luxury of being the #1 show in town will no longer be there to help ease these attacks or the fall from being an NFL powerhouse.

The Phillies have raised the performance bar in the city. Forget just making the playoffs. That is as pointless as preseason talk of "pedal to the metal." The city will see the Phillies success and want a return to the dominance of the late 1970s / early 1980s where each of the city's 4 major sports teams, each season, were battling for the title.

Again, the Phillies still have 3 victories to go. But if and when that 4th victory is clinched, do you think we can get the parade to make a detour past the Nova Care Complex?

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