Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Monday - AGAIN

Was the suspension of Game #5 fair? Who really knows. Could some things have been handled differently, of course. Is Bud Selig an idiot, no argument here. Have we learned that the most important thing to MLB is not the fans, but instead the almighty dollar...sure have. But we can't go back and change anything, so screw it.

It is time to get that mentality that we all had on Monday morning back. Remember waking up and feeling supremely confident that Monday was the day the 25 year wait ends. How you already started making plans to attend a Wednesday parade. How Tampa Bay was done and there was NO way they were winning this series. No time to get down now.

3 innings is all that is left. The Phillies have one of, if not the best, bullpen in baseball. Yea it sucks that we lost Hamels, but there should be equal confidence in Madson, Romero, and Lidge.

Go into tonight thinking we get an early run and then the bullpen slams the door shut on the Tampa Bay offense. Go into tonight thinking that Lidge gives the city another McGraw-like moment.

There is no curse, just a lot of confidence in the city today. 9 outs to go!

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