Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keep An Eye On This Injury

Andy Reid is a believer of wanting to play teams at full strength, he enjoys the ultimate challenge. Well as a fan, I want whatever scenario makes a W easier for the Eagles to achieve.

Admit it, when we all looked at the schedule during the preseason, we had the Seahawks game as a loss. The Seahawks were division champs and a road game in Seattle was not very favorable for the Eagles. Well how quickly things have changed. The Seahawks, well they come into Sunday's game carrying a 2-5 record.

The cause of the Seahawks fall can be directly tied to injuries. Earlier this season the Seahawks were scouring the trash heap (even signed Billy McMullen) for WRs and if that wasn't bad enough, Matt Hasselbeck then went down with a back injury.

The latest news out of Seattle is that Hasselbeck will again be sidelined this week. In his place career back-up QB Seneca Wallace will again get the start. Fine with me. I have zero desire for the Eagles to go up against a Pro Bowl QB. As with the Eagles and the Westbrook injury earlier this year, them the breaks.

So the trip to Seattle sounds a bit easier half way into the season. And it also sounds like top WR Deion Branch will also be out with a heel injury!

A W in Seattle will make up for the L to the Bears.

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