Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Kick In The Ass

We all know the numbers by now...Akers has made only 3 of his last 15 attempts from 40+ yards. We have all bitched about our lack of confidence in Akers from long range. We all can't figure out why Reid doesn't change course. We all can't figure out why Rory Segrest is the man teaching him technique.

But if Akers is sitting home watching some college ball this weekend, he must be embarrassed. In just watching the Penn State and LSU game today I saw kickers clear kicks from 40+, with the LSU kicker nailing a 48 yarder.

What a sad state that I would rather have a college kid kicking for my favorite pro team. I am telling you, Akers inability to connect on the long one is going to come back to haunt the Eagles (more than it already has!)

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