Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lito The Starter?

The many faces of one Lito Sheppard.

Funny thing, I was at the Linc, standing, screaming my voice hoarse as the Eagles starting defense was being announced. The PA announcer was saying "at CB from South Carolina, #24, Sheldon Brown," and wouldn't you know it, both Brown and Sheppard come running out of the tunnel. I guess we are back to the preseason opener and listing 2 starting right CBs on the depth chart.

Or maybe the introduction was our sign of good things to come from Lito. Not to go overboard on the kudos to Sheppard, but his 2nd half interception prevented a huge momentum swing and the Falcons from pulling within 3. But at the same time, one can't overlook that without his pass interference penalty, Sheppard's back of the end zone pick would not have been needed. But, good to see Sheppard back to making some big plays all throughout the 2nd half.

And I guess because Westbrook was long gone or more likely no one else wanted to talk to Howard Eskin after the game, Sheppard was named the player of the game. Hopefully the play, the recognition, and the passing of the trade deadline gets Lito's full attention back on the field.

So all is good with Lito, right? Well during his sideline interview with Howard, Lito of course rambles on about he is still not getting enough time on the field. Way to be the team player Lito!

Oh well, big win today to keep our perfect weekend going. A Flyers W, a Penn State W, a game 3 Phillies W, an Eagles W, and a game 4 Phillies _???

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