Thursday, October 9, 2008

McNabb Is Better Than Cassel

Still bleeding some green. Still holding out hope the season isn't lost? Need a bright spot heading into Sunday's game against the 49ers?

Well here is one for you. Last week against the 49ers, Matt Cassel put up the following statistical line:
- 22/32, 259 yards, and a TD, and a W

A lifetime back-up was able to dominate the 49ers defense and lead his team to a W. Wanting to step-up and carry the Eagles, Donovan has found his perfect opponent.

If Donovan can't get it done this week, well goodbye 2008 season. Hello, 2009 and hello Kevin Kolb.

Here's another bright spot for you...

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Anonymous said...

Yea, the SF D is not very good, especially their pass rush. They need to blitz to generate any pressure. Could be a field day for McNabb.