Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McNabb Not The Favorite QB

Maybe I am reading too much into the quote, maybe I am paying to much attention to someone who doesn't deserve our attention, or maybe I am just dying for Eagles news in the all this Phillies hoopla.

Terrell Owens, was responding to the the Romo injury situation and made the following comments regarding Romo and the Cowboys:

- Romo is "the best quarterback I've played with. Once Tony gets back, we'll be back."

So is this yet another cheap shot at McNabb? Will T.O. take each and every opportunity to throw a zinger at #5? It wouldn't surprise me if the answer to each of these questions is yes, seeing that everything seems to be scripted with Owens.

Also, does the quote also mean that until Romo comes back, the Cowboys are screwed? Is Owens conceding the next 2 games that Romo will miss? I hope so. The 4-5 Dallas Cowboys, way to spend the money Jerry!


Anonymous said...

Well to be fair, TO has put up some huge numbers with Romo

Anonymous said...

could garcia be better than both mcnabb and romo???