Sunday, October 26, 2008

M.I.A. No More

Were you as shocked as I was? It was kinda like the fade pattern to Baskett, you knew it was in the playbook, you just had to see it with your own 2 eyes! The QB scramble (draw)...and guess worked. OK, it worked one out of two times, but still one of the 2 was six points!

I guess we can now assume that McNabb is back to 100 percent health. Prior excuses for not using the QB sneak at the goal line centered on the health of McNabb and not wanting to further injure his chest. Well the chest is fine and the Eagles have a new (or the rediscovery of) wrinkle to their offense...the McNabb run (6 carries, 25 yards yesterday).

As we saw the QB sneak was not the cure all for the Eagles goal line struggles, but it was a step in the right direction. With a line as big as the Eagles it is still difficult to understand how they can't generate the push to go one yard. Maybe the Big Kid is the missing piece. Either way a healthy McNabb and Westbrook should allow the Eagles to rectify the situation sooner than later.

And speaking of a difference having our playmaker back does for the offense. 200+ yards from scrimmage, again showing the fans and the league why he is the top all around back in the NFL. He can't be stopped. Oh yea, 2 TDs as well on the afternoon! I know you can't replay games, but come on, a healthy B-West would have made the difference in the Bears game.

So after 7 games, the Eagles are right back in the thick of the playoff picture (we can talk NFC East title after the Nov. 9 Giants game). Sucks that the 3 other NFC East teams won yesterday, but for a nice change the Eagles kept pace. 9 games to go!

Or more importantly one Phillies W to go!

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