Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mike Nolan - Philly Coach of the Week

We can exhale now. The Eagles never make it easy do they?

As much as the Eagles wanted to give this game away, in the end they didn't. Why, because the D stepped up and saved Reid's ass and thankfully there are coaches in the NFL that are worse then Reid. And we thought Reid had red flag issues! Mike Nolan, my coach of the week.

Takeaways from 49ers game?

  • Overall, a gutsy performance. The Eagles showed a lot of heart in not quitting in the 3rd quarter.
  • The D was huge in the 4th quarter, the 49ers had 6 offensive possessions in the 4th quarter and not once had a drive longer than 3 plays.
  • Anyone feel confident after today's showing that the Eagles are anything more than an 8-8 team? Or are you holding your judgement until B-West, Curtis, Brown, and Andrews return?
  • Donovan way to step up today, you backed up your words.
  • Is anyone really surprised that the Eagle WRs lead the league in dropped passes?
  • The fade to is in the playbook!
  • It was nice to see McNabb not bail on DeSean after his game opening drop.
  • The LBs are really showing their youth and Dawkins is again showing his age...not good things.
  • Who plays TE for the Falcons? Whoever it is, expect a big game.
  • Next years draft we need a big back who can get that one freaking yard!
  • LJ did have the touchdown grab, but that should NOT overshadow him again being a non-factor, unless you count being the cause of McNabb's pick.
  • Please, PLEASE explore the Tony Gonzalez trade.
  • What is the difference between me kicking for the Eagles and Akers? Would you have confidence in either of us...didn't think so! Maybe Segrest can teach me technique too.
  • Guess Reid didn't get the memo that Akers can't hit the long one. Instead he trots Akers out for a 53 yarder and yea, 6 points 49ers!
  • Can anyone tell me the last time the opposing kicker actually missed a FG against the Eagles?
  • Anyone else think the season was over after the Spikes interception? Where in the hell where those hands last year?
  • Parker is an absolute beast!
  • Hey, there was a Chris Clemons sighting!
  • Booker, nice get back on the bench. Anyone see Hunt today...glad he is back to playing running back...nice draft pick!
  • With Buck and B-West the Eagles should be one of the league's top running teams. Come on Andy commit to the run!

In the NFL you take a W any way you can get it. But before we go celebrating, remember this was the lowly 49ers that the Eagles beat. Entering the season we were being told this was a Championship caliber team. I am still waiting for that team to show up. We should not be happy with a team that will be fighting all season just to get into the playoffs!

Has T.O. exploded yet???

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Anonymous said...

Michael Bush is on the trading block. With Eagle talent evaluation of draft RB prospects you can get miss with a proven guy.

If TG is going to be trade he will end up in NY (Bills or Giants). Reid doesnt like trading high picks on not draft days.