Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mr. Lurie Not All That Bad

As fans it is easy and we are often quick to criticize Mr. Lurie for the team's recent lack of success, the Eagles being unable to capture a title despite years of success, and lack of accountability for the coaching staff. And the guy also makes stupid comments about YPA and going all pedal to the metal, but...

At least on game-day Lurie knows his place. The place is up in his fancy luxury box. This should be the place for ALL owners, but unfortunately it is not.

Owners like Jerry Jones and Author Blank constantly feel the need to show-up on the sidelines during the games. For what reason, time to hand out the checks? Are the coaches begging for your advice?

Appearing on the sideline makes you look ridiculous, like attention starved babies, and idiotic. This was most obvious on Sunday, when Blank was on the sidelines during the Falcons come from behind win against the Bears. When his own player made a critical, drive continuing catch, Blank could be seen indicating that it was an incomplete pass. IDIOT!

So follow Lurie's lead and sit your ass in the box for the ENTIRE game!

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Anonymous said...

he is still that bad