Monday, October 13, 2008

Need 1 Yard, How About Bush?

For the third straight week the Eagles struggled in short yardage running situations. And since a QB sneak appears not to be in the playbook and there is no one else left to experiment with as a FB, how about trading for a big back?

Westbrook and Buckhalter are a great 1-2 combo, but they seem to lack the extra punch on the short yardage plays. Maybe the reason is solely the absence of Andrews on the line, but I doubt it.

In you read the latest rumors, it appears that Michael Bush of the Raiders is on the trading block. His 6'1", 247 pound frame is ideal for the getting those one or two yards. Makes sense to this Eagles fan.

Would anyone miss Booker or Hunt if they were cut to clear room for Bush? Didn't think so.

As for current Eagles, never too early to start thinking Hawaii.

Just my thoughts....

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Anonymous said...

Dump Hunt get Bush. Nothing to argue about. Raiders will part with Bush for 6 or 7th.