Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Next Year Is Finally This Year

It finally happened. The city of Philadelphia has a champion!!

There are so many emotions going through me right now, making it very difficult to write this post. I honestly cannot freaking believe it, I am going to a Parade in Philadelphia on Friday (considered only an oxymoron before tonight!!).

There are going to be millions (literally) of stories from Philadelphians and Phillies fans on what this championship means to them and where they were when the final out was made. For me it is memories of the past, present, and future that make this evening and title so special to me.

I was 4 the last time the city celebrated a championship...I remember nothing! Season after season, team after team we waited as a city together. Honestly I always thought that the Eagles would be the team to end the title drought. They were close, but as always it was "just wait until next year."

I remember as a kid going to Phillies games with my dad and grandfather at Veterans Stadium. I remember the highlight of previous Phillies seasons being the Phanatic's birthday party at the Vet and being covered in confetti. I remember in middle school having the need for all my shirts to be Phillies shirts. I remember being at the NLCS clincher in 1993 with my dad and having free, celebratory klondike bars thrown at us by the Channel 11 superbox . I remember a few days later being at the '93 World Series with my dad, sitting in the highest row of the Vet. I remember taking my wife to her first fireworks night at CBP this year.

I will always remember tonight as the night I will no longer have to utter the phrase "just wait until next year" when describing a team from Philadelphia. I will remember muting Fox tonight, so I could listen to Harry Kalas call the final 3 outs. I will remember calling my dad after 2 outs in the 9th and having the Philly title drought ending with him on the phone. I will remember waking up tomorrow and buying the Daily News and Inquirer for the sole reason of framing them for the basement. I will remember Friday and getting to go to the parade with my dad.

So many memories...thank you Phillies. I still can't believe it!!!!

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Michoel Botwinick said...

Wow - AMAZING! As soon as the Phillies won the thing, I rushed up the street with the dog to City Line Avenue to celebrate along with all the drunk college students. I was high-fiving people I didn't even know! One person even leaned over and said to me, "Philadelphia is going nuts. This is absolutely the best!" We were standing at the corner in our Phillies jerseys and hats, and the cars were making a racket as we went by. People were literally hanging out the windows, banging pots and pans! One naked college student wearing only shoes and a Phillies hat came running down the street, much to the surprise of everyone! Pretty much everyone was drunk, except for the girls. It was a great sense of togetherness, bound by one exuberant Phillies team.

I will never, ever, forget this moment.