Friday, October 24, 2008

Numbers Don't Lie, Season Starts Now

Like I always say to my dad during a Philllies or Eagles game, "it's still early." This line of thinking makes be a believer (though I may be in the minority) that it is still too early to panic on the Eagles 2008 season. Come on, don't be that fan that J-Roll labeled us as.

It is only 6 games. Wouldn't you rather be hot at the end of the season, then at the start? Off hand, how many people can recall the Eagles record last year after 6 weeks (2-4). And with a 3-3 start this season the Eagles have not yet closed the door on a playoff berth or NFC East title opportunities. Again, it's how your team is playing in November and December that propels you on a playoff run (see NY Giants last year).

I am not down-playing the importance of Sunday's game against the Falcons. A head-to-head match-up in the conference is vital when determining who gets into the playoffs or playoff seeding (I hope that Bears loss doesn't come back to haunt the Eagles!). So you could easily say this is another must win game for the Eagles.

Do we have the right players to make a 2nd half run? Well with everyone (minus Andrews) back this weekend, we should learn a lot about the offensive personnel. The defense, well it just needs to find some consistency from game to game, quarter to quarter. And as pointed out yesterday, Reid is the MAN following a bye. The Eagles are 9-0 in the game following a bye and 57-25 overall after the bye week.

So hang on just a little bit longer. The season is still young. But if the Eagles somehow manage to put up an L against the Falcons, well the season just got old really quick!

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Anonymous said...

Giants are the BTIF (best team in football)! McNabb will be on hte IR by the end of week 8...

Rays in 6!!!