Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh Good, It's Still Preseaon

Good news Eagle fans, it is still the preseason. A record of 2-3, no worries, those games didn't count, right?

You are kidding me, the season did start and those first 5 games did count?!? You could of fooled me. Reading yesterday's news I saw that the Eagles were still shuffling players at the RB and FB positions, figuring out the best man for the job. Isn't this something that teams do during training camp, during preseason games? Not our Eagles.

So the FB experiment continues. Dan Klecko is back to seeing time at the FB position. Tony Hunt is back to seeing time at the RB position. Such moves shows us that the Hunt FB experiment was a failure and that the Booker RB experiment was a failure. (And I love Klecko, he is all heart and non-stop motor, but what does it say about the quality of your footballl team that a lifetime back-up is nowing playing 2 positions for the Eagles!)

Hunt couldn't be trusted as a blocker. This was already obvious as every time the Eagles needed a FB at the goal line, Klecko was in and Hunt was out. Sadly, because of the Eagles lack of success running the ball at the goal line with Klecko in, one wonders how qualified Klecko really is as a FB.

Booker can't be trusted as a back-up RB. What ever happened to the guy that people were drooling over during training camp? I remember hearing that Booker was like a human joystick with all his moves. In reality we got a player that can't block and he averaging less than 3 yards a touch. Thanks Parcells!

Not to be the downer, but I don't see these latest moves working out either. At least with Hunt at FB the opposing defense had to worry that he might catch a pass, a run play wasn't always so obvious. With Klecko in the backfield, that guessing game for the opposition is gone.

And Hunt, if he was any good as a RB the Eagles never would of traded for Booker. Hunt is too slow to hit the hole. This was evident in the Bears game when he was stopped at the goal line.

But in good news, Reggie Brown did hurt his groin during yesterday's practice. Maybe the Eagles will start going back to DeSean now. Go Phillies!!!

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