Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Old Friend Is Back

We may not be seeing Matt Hasselbeck on Sunday, but our old buddy Lofa Tatupu will sure be there. Now we just have to hope that A.J. doesn't find his way into the game!

Let me refresh your memory...December 2, 2007...Lofa Tatupu intercepts Feeley twice in the 1st quarter, setting up two early TDs for Seattle. Still somehow the Eagles managed to overcome these initial Feeley blunders.

Down 28-24 we remember seeing Brian Westbrook catch the punt, break into the open...we all thought of another NY Giants game moment, Westbrook again saving the day! But Westbrook was pushed out of bounds at the Seattle 14. No big deal right...14 yards to go, the clock just under 2 minutes remaining. Eagles victory.

Whoops, we forget who was QBing that day. On third down Feeley dropped back and then Tatupu had his 3rd interception of the day.

Please let nothing happen to McNabb or Kolb this Sunday!

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