Monday, October 27, 2008

Party Crasher

I was wondering who would be the celebrity of the night running through the Phillies line-up card and to my surprise there was #5, our beloved QB.

This is a night of celebration, so we can hold off on the obvious wise cracks (what he realized his best chance for a championship was to join the Phillies bandwagon?!?). I would be fearful of an Eagles curse on the Phillies, but well the Phillies just put up 2 in the first and Hamels is mowing them down!

But we can't end this post without questioning the shades? Is McNabb missing an eye from the eye poke yesterday? They can't be stlye glasses as D-Mac looked like a cornball!

Oh yea, did anyone else notice that after the eye poke how accurate Donovan suddenly became? The passes that were sailing high in the 1st quarter were now hitting the WRs in stride and even hitting L.J. with passes that he could catch!

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