Monday, October 20, 2008

A Perfect 10?

What a week that lies ahead for the Philadelphia sports fan. The obvious is the Phillies and the World Series. But as an Eagles fan there is reason again to be optimistic (hopefully we learned just not to be 12-4 optimistic!).

As we begin the week, the Eagles are still within striking distance of a playoff berth and more importantly the NFC East crown. The Eagles are 1/2 game behind the Cowboys, 1 1/2 game behind the Redskins and 2 games behind the Giants (an none of these teams looked impressive yesterday). Positive numbers, but if the Eagles don't start winning division and conference games, well of course they mean nothing.

Back to the good news, one can't forget that the Eagles are 9-0 coming off the bye week under Andy Reid. The Falcons though carrying a winning record are still carry a rookie QB and one of the league's worst statistical defenses. Following the Falcons, one of the league's worst teams, the Seahawks are up. 5-3 needs to happen. I can see 5-3 happening.

Even more good news is that the Eagles finally appear to be getting to full strength. B-West, Brown, and Curtis should be back this week. We will keep are fingers crossed on Andrews. The positive of these injuries, well we know the Eagles have some great depth at the key positions (RB, WR).

So no more excuses (this especially means you L.J.). 10 weeks left to go. Time to go on a winning streak. Time to follow the Phillies lead and give the city another winner.

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Anonymous said...

We've already been in this situation when NFC East just wants Eagle to rise but Eagles keep falling on their faces flat. It is going to be a statement game if Eagles got the guts to run the table in the NFC East this year.