Friday, October 17, 2008

Phillies About To Screw The Eagles

Watch out Reid. Watch out Banner. Watch out Lurie. Watch out Eagles. The Phillies dominating march to the World Series has risen the bar on the expectations of Philly sports fans.

In Philly sports the only thing that truly matters is ending the championship drought. Putting together a team that can compete night in and night out is nice. The playoffs are even better. But we have had enough of just getting to the damn dance. We want to be the king. We want to be the envy of the sports world. All eyes should be on Philadelphia. Well the Phillies are awfully close to ending this drought. 4 victories to go.

And if the Phillies do bring home the title, well the Eagles just may be screwed. Fans already bitch about the Eagles not doing enough to secure the Lombardi (see this week and Roy Williams!). Fans see the Eagles Front Office as always doing just enough to keep the team competitive, while still reeling in the money. Each season the Eagles have a realistic chance of making the playoffs. But since 2004 have they really been championship caliber? Yea, not so much.

We heard from Lurie at the beginning of the year that 2008 was pedal to the metal. Six weeks into the season the Eagles sit at mediocrity's door. A .500 record and struggling to pull out a victory against the lowly 49ers. Again, just enough to keep our attention and not close the door on the team or the 2008 season.

If the Phillies are victorious in the World Series the Eagles will become the city's second team. Just imagine that. If the Eagles screw up they will instantly be compared to the Phillies, how they could learn from the Phillies example. Just being competitive, just making the playoffs will no longer appease the Philly fan base. The fans will have tasted championship glory and will want more.

So look out Eagles, the Phillies are about to screw you over big time. The criticism thrown at the Front Office and the Coach to date will seem light weight when compared to future criticism. The Phillies are showing the city what going for IT is, what pedal to the metal is, what a gold standard is.


Anonymous said...

If Red Sox get in, Boston curse will crush Philly again.

colonel said...

The good news for Eagles fans is that this sounds a lot like what used to be said about the Phillies...remember how they wouldn't make the big moves and how Dave Montgomery and company were satisfied to just play the game and fill the seats? Remember how Charlie Manual should be fired and Pat Gillick was over-rated?

Well, somehow that changed for the Phillies. I haven't followed the Phillies closely enough to know what that "somehow" was...maybe just luck. At any rate, Philly fans are now enjoying the ride and the moment. Hopefully, that same "somehow" will happen for the Eagles!