Friday, October 17, 2008

Phils Can't Forget These 3

As we still bask in the glory of the Phillies NL title, we can't forget a BIG thank you to three very important guys. You could easily say that without these guys there would of been no NL East Title, no division series win over the Brewers, and no NL pennant!

I am talking about Michael Bourn, Geoff Geary, and Mike Costanzo. A.K.A the guys would got us Brad Lidge. Or we could just thank Ed Wade for allowing himself to be taken by Gillick.

Just think without Lidge there would be no 46-46 in save opportunities. There would of been no Myers in the starting rotation. The Phillies would be no better off than the freaking Mets!

So I guess it is actually a BIG thank you to 4 guys. Bourn, Geary, Costanzo, and the sucker Wade. The Lidge trade was the catalyst for the 2008 Phillies, the difference between 2007 and 2008.

And on the topic of baseball, it was great to open today's NY Daily News and see the Yankee talk focused on grass being laid in a new stadium and Met columns on how the Mes need to follow the Phillies bullpen blueprint. And in Philly, well we are still playing baseball!!

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