Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Positive of the Andrews Surgery

Too often the Philadelphia media is overly negative when covering the local teams, especially the Eagles coverage. So I am gonna go all "bizarro world" on you and highlight the positive of today's announcement that Shawn Andrews is most likely lost for the season following back surgery.

I can't argue that overcoming the Andrews injury will be easy for the team. Andrews is an All-Pro Guard, the best OL on the Eagles roster. Hell, a healthy Andrews might have been the difference at the goaline against the Bears.

But back to the positive theme, with the announcement that Andrews had surgery also came the announcement that Kevin Curtis and DeSean Jackson would be the starting WRs this weekend against the Falcons. No "Reggie the Clown" in the starting line-up, stealing plays and catches from DeSean.

What did you expect my positive spin to be, the Eckel signing? Come on, even my "bleed green" has it's limits!

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