Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Redoing The Count

After 5 weeks, the Eagles stand at 2-3. Despite what players make think, the team's play is that of a 2-3 team. So all you preseason record predictors, anyone have the Eagles at 2-3 at this point...didn't think so.

Since it was so much fun to guess preseason, lets take another look at the Eagles schedule and predict the remaining games. In the NFC East, I am thinking the Eagles need at LEAST 10 wins too think about the playoffs.

- 49ers: Win - You gotta believe (not really sure why) that #5 carries the team to the W
- Bye
- Falcons: Win - Rookie QBs are not successful against JJ's D
- Seahawks: Loss - Seahawks home-field advantage will be too much to overcome
- Giants: Win - The home game in the series, Eagles notch their first division win
- Bengals: Win - Bengals, possibly the worst team in football
- Ravens: Win - Rookie QBs are not successful against JJ's D
- Cardinals: Win - The Eagles secondary finally earns their $$$ and lives up to the hype
- Giants: Loss - The Eagles aren't sweeping the G-Men
- Browns: Win - Like the Eagles, the Browns have been a disappointment to date, home field advantage gives the birds the win
- Redskins: Win - Payback is a bitch
- Cowboys: Loss - The Eagles either beat the Redskins and lose to the 'Boys or lose to the Skins and beat the 'Boys


Yea I am probably being a bit too optimistic. The Eagles haven't shown us much to make us believe that can run off such a dominating stretch of football...but, before we all jump ship, let's at least give them the 49ers game to show us something.

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Anonymous said...

That's a reasonable assessment...BEFORE:
1) BWest broke his ribs
2) 5 got that "chest contusion" that made AR not QB sneak vs the Bears.
3) The TE position disappeared from the O
4) Booker was discovered to be a fraud that Parcells pawned off on us.
5) The Big Kid's back went out.
6) AR forced out DJax in favor of Brown
As a result, 7-9 or 8-8 is much more like it.

Anonymous said...


are losses. Bungles maybe a loss too

Kolb might start lasts three games.

justincharlesharlan said...

I see us beating the Hawks an losing one we should win...

We won't lose to the Cards. Period.

colonel said...

I see losses to the Giants (twice), Dallas and the Skins at Washington, and maybe one more, so that is 9 - 7 at best.