Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reid - Pretty Amazing

It is probably the way the big guy likes it best...overshadowed, in the background. In case you missed it, Andy Reid notched his 100th coaching victory (including playoffs) with the Eagles on Sunday. Very, VERY impressive for a coach just beginning his 10th season. A nice average of over 10 wins a season.

And what is most astonishing about the 100th victory was that Sunday also marked the team's 500th overall victory. So some quick math shows that Reid has been responsible for 1/5 of the teams victories. Pretty damn remarkable that one coach could mean so much to a franchise. A franchise that has been around since 1933.

On the flip side one could say that the coaches prior to Reid just really sucked. Well, that should only make us appreciate the big guy even more.

I am fully aware that Reid is not perfect. I would argue that he should stick to coaching and relinguish GM duties. It may also be easy to question and second guess at times Reid's play calling, time and game management skills, personal decisions, and his smugness during press conferences. But in the end, Reid is hands-down the best of the Eagles coaching bunch.

Is Reid still the coach to lead the Eagles to the Lombardi...I honestly don't know. Maybe he has gotten all he can out of the franchise and a change at the helm is needed for the next step. But before we go writing that pink slip (which Lurie will never do!) you better be bringing in a coach with a resume better than Reid. It could be a long search to find such a guy.


colonel said...

For the record, Andy Reid is the 20th Head Coach of the Eagles. He has won more games than any other Eagles Head Coach, but he has also coached more games than any other Eagles Head Coach.

Interestingly enough, looking at the win/loss %, Rich Kotite, yes poor, bad old Rich Kotite, has the 3rd best win/loss % behind Reid and Greasy Neale!

Gary Knight said...

I think you stick with him. Look at Bill Cower in Pittsburgh. He had rough years. I think you give Reid a chance as long as McNabb is your quarterback. If you switch coaches at this point in McNabb's career you risk wasting one or two precious years, and can only hope he has the same impact Mike Shanahan had in Denver with Elway, which is a rarity.

Then again, look at what Mike McCarthy did in Green Bay. Tough question.