Friday, October 31, 2008

Remember Me? Please Remember Me!

I interrupt your celebration to bring you this little reminder...the Eagles have a game this weekend...just in case you had forgotten.

And it can't just be me...has all of this Phillies celebrating caused a renewed excitement in the Eagles? We now know that Philly isn't cursed, the chips can actually fall our way. Why stop at one...why not make Philadelphia the City of Champions. Screw you Boston, here comes Philly!

It was only a few months back that fans were complaining about the Phillies, about how it was going to be another short playoff run, IF they even made it to the playoffs. And now look at them, the 2008 World Champions of Baseball!

Why can't the Eagles follow their lead? Are there really any truly great teams in the NFL right now? Nope, parity rules the season. The Eagles have just as good of a chance as any of the other top teams. And yes the Eagles are a top team.

Currently the Eagles have won 2 straight. Next up are the lowly Seahawks. Winning streak now at 3. Then the NFC East leading home. I've been watching the Giants and I don't buy into their record, a weak schedule and a Pittsburgh team without their top RB and WR. And even then it took a botched punt snap by the Steelers to get the Giants back into the game. Winning streak at 4 and possibly a return to the top of the NFC East.

Outside of the NFC East, the Eagles opponents are a joke. The Browns, Bengals, Ravens, Cardinals...not worried one bit. Yea, "any given Sunday" could screw the Eagles and my high hopes, but when I look at this Eagles team I see very few weaknesses.

Passing game, McNabb is still one of the best. Running game, B-West is the best and combined with Buck, what a 1-2 punch. WRs, as a whole they are putting up some of the best numbers in the NFL. TE, hell even LJ showed signs of life last week. The OL, the group still has one great year left together. The Defense, the QB pressure is there, the run D is a top-5 unit, the pass D boasts 3 stellar CBs, and the turnovers are aplenty this year. Just learn how to cover a TE and keep Dawkins out of pass coverage and we are solid.

2008 can be just a memorable for the Eagles as it was for the Phillies. Maybe all these optimism is the result of attending today's parade and just being jacked-up with optimism. But I can honestly see another parade come February. Hopefully by then SEPTA figures out what the hell they are doing!


evil blogger said...

In your latest poll, there should be a choice of "none of the above."

Thanks. :)

Unknown said...

i see the NY fans are hitting up the site!