Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rory Segrest Is An Idiot

Evidently stupidity runs in the coaching family. During his weekly press conference today, ST's Coach Rory Segrest stated that there would be no fear in sending David Akers out for field goals of 45+ yards.

"I don't think our strategy changes on things. It's just a matter of working out some technical issues on things."

God help us if Segrest is the one helping Akers work out the kinks! So basically the Eagles are again screwed if the game comes down to another battle of the kickers!

How Segrest ever got the special teams job is beyond me. The man had one year of NFL experience as the Eagles' Special Teams Quality Control Coordinator prior to his promotion! Since he replaced John Harbaugh the Eagles special teams have been a joke.

Here's to our offense finally being able to put the ball in the endzone this weekend or Reid wising up and going for it or punting on 4th down. Better than the other choice of another long Akers field goal!

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