Thursday, October 16, 2008

Roy Williams - Give Me Kevin Curtis

It is very hard to think about the Eagles a day after the city's other team just clinched the pennant. But with the red, there is also green in these veins.

So after a full day to gather my senses and review the Roy Williams to Dallas trade, I think I am OK, I think the Eagles are going to be OK. Honestly, I am not drunk off of Phillies champagne or seeing things through red or green beer goggles!

First, as painful as it may be, you must commend Jerry Jones. The man will take gambles in order to give his team, what he believes, is the best chance to win it all. But in this case, I think that the package of draft picks sent to Detroit was a bit excessive.

Williams is a good receiver, who could POSSIBLY be great. A quick look at the stats and you see that there was only one year where Williams collected more than 1000 yards receiving. Yea you could argue that he was playing for the Lions. But if you do, shouldn't his star of shined even brighter on a garbage team and also a team that is pass heavy?

From the Eagles standpoint, why not compare Williams to Kevin Curtis. Curtis isn't a new player to the Eagles, but against the Falcons he will be a new player for the 2008 season. And a quick look at his career shows stats that are pretty comparable to Mr. Williams. Not quite as good, but really not that far off. Plus Curtis is returning to a system and team that he is already familiar with. You can't overlook that chemistry, especially when you are comparing to the chemistry of the Cowboys and the T.O. factor.

So as much fun as it is to bitch and moan about the Eagles Front Office, in this case maybe they should escape some blame. Not trading for Gonzalez (despite rumors of the trade requiring a 2nd round pick) well that one isn't so easy to defend.

But enough about the Eagles, how about them Phillies!!

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Anonymous said...

Jones is a desperate man now. It is Superbowl or bust for him