Thursday, October 30, 2008

Run Donovan Run

Prior to Sunday, did you know the last time that McNabb scored a rushing TD was way back on October 8, 2006. Two long seasons of nothing for a QB that was once considered one of the top running QBs ever.

Good to see those legs finally working for you again Donovan.

Will Donovan continue to run, probably not. Donovan has developed into a pass first or pass always QB (sometimes at the expense of an unnecessary sack). So we can get used to many more Sundays of standing in front of the TV screaming "Run Donovan, just run the god damn ball!"

But at least we know, the Eagles know, and the opposition knows that the QB run is an option again. And if you listen to Dawkins, this is quite a nice luxury for an offense to have...

"Being a defensive player, any time you have that capability [running] out of a quarterback, that's another headache."

Maybe Donovan's legs are the answer to the Eagles short yardage failures. He was 1 for 2 on Sunday. Or better yet, maybe the trio of Buck, B-West, and D-Mac is the answer to getting that 1 yard. Or maybe the answer is Kyle Eckel. In the end it doesn't really matter who or what the answer is, as long as there is an answer.

And just imagine how scary good this Eagles offense will be with an effective short yardage game. Run Donovan, Run!

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