Sunday, October 19, 2008

Scoreboard Watching

We always hear players say things like "We don't concern ourselves with the other teams," or "I'm not into all that scoreboard watching, we just need to take care of what we can control."

Come on guys, time to go all caveman and take a "gander at the scoreboard." You can't fool us, like Eagle fans, today you too will be watching the outcomes of the 'Skins, Girls, and G-Men games. Go figure, by not even playing this weekend, the Eagles could make some serious progress in the NFC East race.

The opposing teams (49ers, Rams, Browns) might not be heavyweights, but pure numbers have to give us some reason to hope today. One out of the three teams has to walk away with an L today.

We can hope all we want, but even with Brad Johnson the Cowboys should easily dispose of the lowly Rams. Last week we all saw just how pathetic the 49ers are, so it looks like a W for the Giants is gonna happen too. So we are left cheering on the Browns. Will the Redskins really suffer back-to-back home defeats? If the Browns and their prolific offense of Monday night show up, I could see the Browns leaving Fed Ex Field with a W.

So I guess their really is no bye week for us fans. There is always someone to root on. Let's go Browns. The Eagles need some company in the basement!

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