Monday, October 27, 2008

Seeing Red At The Linc

Even the Eagles franchise helped ignite a Phillies cheer at the Eagles game yesterday (OK, so the Go Phillies! on the stadium TV was at the end of a reminder for fans to leave the parking lots immediately following the Eagles game, but still, for Eagles management a big step!).

What a scence down at the Linc yesterday. I was at the Eagles game (unfortunately I didn't have an extra few grand to pull off the double and go to the Phillies game too) and the Phillies pride was everywhere on a football Sunday.

Driving down to the stadium you had Phillies and Eagles flags flying from the car windows. In the stadium parking lots fans were still dissecting game 3 of the World Series over tailgating beers and burgers. Once you made your way into the stadium, you saw Eagles jerseys, but instead of a matching Eagles cap, well the hats were Phillies red.

During the game there were Phillies signs and Phillies chants. Once the Eagles began to put the game out of reach, all of the fan talk immediately moved to game #4 of the World Series (not the Seahawks). No one was talking about the Cowboys, the 'Skins, or the G-Men, it was all Rays.

As a die hard Eagles fan in a city that the Eagles have owned it was an interesting change to see the Eagles finally taking in back seat in the city, in their stadium. But the Phillies have earned our attention. They are 1 (I still can't believe it!) WIN away from the city's first title in 25 years. The pressure is now on the Eagles to follow the model and bring us another championship!

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