Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shot Through the Heart

Sunday still pains me and I haven't got too much I am able to say at this point, as it's too painful. Here are a few notes:

1. Trent Cole was horrible against the run.

2. Andy is not currently a good gameday coach. He is, in fact, a bad gameday coach. Poor playcalling, benching Desean for almost an entire quarter, not taking G-Lew out of the game completely after 3 drops, refusing to call a QB sneak AGAIN, challenging the more unchallengeable call seen all year, etc. etc. etc.

3. Bradley and Gocong cannot cover at all.

4. We miss Andrews something fierce. He's the best screen lead blocker in the league and a better road grader than MJG can dream of being. Get well soon!

5. McNabb is a leader. The players know it and true fans do too. He needs to step up and make his comments and this players only meeting count. It's time to get in his receivers' faces and say, "Stop dropping passes or I'll make sure you ride the bench." It's time to get in the faces of his blockers when they hang him out to dry. It's time to tuck the back and run and remind the NFL that he has one hell of a set of wheels under him.


Anonymous said...

Regarding AR being a bad gameday coach, another good way to say the same thing is that he's a good "Monday-to-Saturday" Coach - which he, in fact, is.

chris klinkner said...

maybe the best in the NFL Monday-Saturday. We should be golden for the Thursday night game against the Cardinals this year!