Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shouldn't Be a TE Problem

We are all aware of the Eagles inability to effectively cover the opposing TE. With that problem I was curious as to what time of numbers the Falcons TEs were putting up this season. It is safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

- Ben Hartsock: 2, 24, 0 TDs
- Justin Peelle: 4, 35, 1 TD

Could it be for the first time all season the Eagles will not have to worry about being humiliated by the opposing TE? Well if stats paint a true picture, the ankles of Dawkins and Gocong should enjoy no further breaks this Sunday.

But you really can't blame the Atlanta TEs for their lack of production. A quick look at the same stats show strong numbers for the receiving trio of White, Jenkins, and Douglas. But more good news, the Eagles have 3 studs at CB ready for the assignment. How about about an interception or two off of the rookie QB tomorrow?

On the other side of the ball I would expect the Eagles offense to have little problem with moving the ball against one of the league's worst defenses. With a healthy offense hopefully all that marching doesn't continue to stall inside the twenty. Just please keep Abraham away from D-Mac!

So we are left with a victory hanging on the ability of the Eagles D to stop Michael Turner and the Falcons running game. I say the bye week provided the front 7 with some must needed rest and they return to their run stopping dominance of games 1-4.

Eagles 24 Falcons 14

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Anonymous said...

You almost had it! 27-14. Nicely done. Just need the Phillies to win tonight. J