Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunday Belongs To The Eagles

Excuse me for interrupting this Phillies party, but TIME-OUT (what, I learned my time-out management from watching Reid)! Let's not forget about the other team in town.

Remember that team in green? Well, they are back at the Linc this Sunday. The 49ers game may seem like months ago, but it's only been one bye week. How quickly we have dissed our first love.

Baseball on a Sunday, come on, fall Sundays belong to football. And not just any football, we are talking E-A-G-L-E-S football.

The fans showing up at the parking lots at 5am on Sunday aren't there sporting red. The are there wearing a jersey with numbers on the front AND back. Numbers of a Pro Bowl QB, an All-Pro RB, a stud rookie WR. Hell, some are even still rocking the jersey of our favorite draft bust Mike Mamula or a masking taped #81 jersey.

We aren't screaming our heads off for a team running out of a dugout. We are losing our minds as Dawkins does the worm out of an over sized, inflated helmet. We aren't booing the opposing pitcher or batter. That isn't Philly style. Calling each player on the opposing team an A-hole, now that's Philadelphia.

We aren't cheering just because it's the title round. We Eagles fans our losing our minds because it is game #7 of the season. Every game counts, every play counts. Rally towels, not at the Linc. Eagle fans aren't even allowed the caps to a water bottle for fear of an Eli or Romo losing an eye.

Intimidation is throwing a ball at the batters head? Please, on each and every play at the Linc players are hoping for an appearance on Jacked-Up!

So enjoy the Phillies tonight. Tomorrow belongs to the Eagles. Well, since it is a 1pm game and we will need something to do at night, I guess we can also squeeze in a Sunday night baseball game.

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