Thursday, October 23, 2008

There Are Bigger Problems

Is it me or is there a bit too much attention being paid to the FB position on the Eagles? No argument that the position needed to be upgraded. But the Eagles and some media outlets have become obsessed with the FB position.

The only moves that the Eagles seem to think they need to make revolve around the FB position. Here's an idea, how about you put some of that effort to scouting other positions and then maybe we can break through the mediocrity surrounding this 2008 season.

Klecko or Eckel, come on, is there really a difference. And now that we finally have a true FB on the roster (Eckel), the DT is still the starter. I understand the new guy may need time to learn the offense, but at this point isn't he better than Klecko? I love Klecko, I wish there were more guys with his motor and work ethic, but they guy isn't a fullback. Wasn't Klecko the lead blocker on all those goal line did that work out for the Eagles?

So enough with the FB position. We signed a FB, now play him. He can't be any worse than the other garbage that has been thrown out there to date.

And on a related note, is Tony Hunt really that bad that no other teams have interest in him? Not even as a back-up RB? He's gotta be better than the washed-up Shaun Alexander.

And we can't ignore this quote by Reid on L.J. Smith: "I look at it like I've got an all-pro tight end in L.J. Smith. I've felt that way for a long time. I see things differently than maybe you guys see it." And he is an All-Pro why, because of his receiving numbers, his "give-up on a play" attitude, or his inability to block?!?

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