Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This Playmaker Was Already Here

We need more playmakers! We heard this all off-season and following the Chicago debacle we are again hearing the cries.

Relax people it's still only week 4, save the panic for after the Redskins game and if the Eagles are sitting at 2-3. And come on, do you honestly believe that the Skins are good enough to win back to back NFC East road games...I don't. So this time next week we are sitting 3-2, season moving ahead just as we thought. Add a victory against the 49ers (we already lost a trap game to the Bears, won't happen again against the 49ers) and the Eagles enter the bye week at 4-2. I'll take it.

But back to the playmakers...Asante Samuel was brought in because he was an established playmaker. Through 4 weeks the reports have been spot on. Shut down corner, knack for coming up with the turnover.

We also can't overlook one playmaker that was already on the squad, unfortunately he was just sitting in the wrong position in 2007. I am of course speaking of Omar Gaither. In 2007, Gaither was the starting Middle LB after spending his rookie season on the outside. The numbers last year were pretty damn good, 102 tackles, 1 FF, 1 Interception. But it just felt like something was missing...the impact plays that were there his rookie season.

In 2006 when the Eagles D made a BIG play, Gaither was there. And in 2008 it seems like Gaither is back to being the MAN, being everywhere, causing the BIG play. Oh yea, he is back to outside LB (thanks for being a study Bradley).

Over the past three games Gaither has recorded 21 tackles, including nine tackles, two defended passes and recovered a fumble against the Bears. The future at LB kicks ass for the Eagles.

So chear up Eagle fans, yea there were some head scratchers on Sunday night, but the talent is still here and the schedule is set-up for the Eagles to get on a roll. But first, we HAVE TO beat the Redskins on Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

It isn't that Skins are good to win two road games but it is that Eagle's offense is rather predictible and anemic. D has shown its weakness already which Skins will ride out. JJ doesn't have right talent to create sufficient pressure on QB protected by a solid OL and cover down field at the same time.

Yeah and Seahawks is going to be another trap game.