Friday, October 3, 2008

Throw, Throw, Throw, Throw

B-West is listed as questionable for Sunday. If he plays, he won't be 100 percent. The Eagles run game was embarrassed last week, being unable to score from the 1. Jason Taylor is out and for the season and the Redskins only have 6 total sacks for the year. The secondary is banged up with Shawn Springs out.

Gee, I wonder what Andy plans to do on Sunday against the Skins. Though McNabb wasn't healthy enough to lunge forward 1 yard on a QB sneak, I am sure Reid will again think McNabb is healthy enough for another game of 40+ passes (still doesn't make sense to me!).

So expect bombs away on Sunday. I see big games for Jackson, Baskett, and heck, I even see a heavy dose of forcing the ball L.J.'s way. Eagles step-up big in a must-win Week 5 contest and go 3-0 at the Linc this year.

Eagles 24 Redskins 13

*Sunday, Eagles and Phillies at 1pm (If necessary, Game 4)...who ya watching???*

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