Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time For A Jon Gruden

Like most Eagle fans I am fed up with Coach Reid. His coaching deficiencies, his smugness, his cockiness, his pointless press conferences, and his poor player personal decisions (and on, and on). It all comes back to the big guy.

In my opinion it is time for Reid to go. He had a great run, we appreciate everything he has done for the city and done for the franchise.

Such thinking brings back the Tampa Bay situation of a few years back. A USA Today article summed up the Tampa Bay and Dungy situation perfectly:

Gruden had a tough act to follow. He replaced Tony Dungy, who was the most successful coach in franchise history. He turned the franchise around from bumblers to solid playoff contenders. The players liked and respected Dungy, who was fired last year after yet another first-round playoff loss in Philadelphia.
"Tony Dungy did a great job," Gruden said Sunday, repeating a theme he's maintained all season.
Gruden's mission was simple but challenging. Take the Bucs beyond the first round, beyond where Dungy took them. Turn them from a team with a very good defense and inept offense into something special. Mission accomplished.

Kinda reminds me of the Philly situation. The Eagles have gone as far as Reid can take them. The talent seems to be here to make a run, unfortunately Reid is longer the coach who can guide them to success. Bill Cowher anyone?


Anonymous said...

Gruden is set in TB. If Lurie dumps Reid Marty is going to get promoted. Hell no I want to see Marty running the team. From outside there are not many good candidates - Cowher or Marty Schottheimer? I dont want to see Mooch or Green here!

Anonymous said...

Who's Jeff Gruden?

chris klinkner said...

thanks anonymous...had jeff garcia and jon gruden on the mind, thus jeff gruden.

hell jeff gruden would solve a QB and coach problem!

justincharlesharlan said...

I seem the point. But Cowher is a horrible choice.

justincharlesharlan said...

PS. Mooch is the answer, sorry eaglecrazy. Mooch learned this system from the WCO gurus.

Anonymous said...

If Mooch comes in it will be - forget defense we are going to outscore 'em bastards. You might as well hire Mr. PrimeTime as D coordinator too.

Anonymous said...

I don't see Lurie ever dumping AR - our best bet is if AR moves to GM-only. I have been rooting for TB to fall on its face the past couple of years so Gruden would become available, but no such luck (damn you, Jeff Garcia!).

Anonymous said...

It's been Greise this year not Garcia.