Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time For Leadership

What do they always say, better late than never? Reports had McNabb calling a players only meeting on Monday to discuss his teams' crap performance on Sunday. McNabb and teammates were embarrassed by their recent play and thus the desperate measure.

My initial reaction was this meeting was one week too late. What they weren't embarrassed after the Chicago game, having Orton hit them up for 3 first half TDs, and being unable to punch it in from the one on three successive occasions?!? Hell, the Redskins are a decent, NFC East team...the Bears and Kyle Orton, not so much.

But as I said, better late than never. I am glad to see that McNabb is assuming a visable leadership role. McNabb has to realize that if the Eagles are going to turn this mess around it will be on him to do so (healthy or non-healthy B-West).

I commend your actions Donovan. I also commend you for calling a meeting without Reid need for him to screw something else up! I just hope you aren't a week too late.

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