Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time To Move Out of the Basement

It is hard not to smile when reading about the continued problems of the Dallas Cowboys. My attention should probably be focused on the Giants or the 'Skins, but my hatred for the Cowboys flows with the green in these veins.

So the news out of Dallas today is that Tony Romo will be out for the Tampa Bay game (Safety Roy Williams has also been placed on IR). There will be no game time decision this week, no hope of Romo leading a 2nd half comeback. It will be Brad Johnson again leading the offense. As an Eagles fan, we can only hope that there is a repeat of his Rams game performance. But even if Johnson does miraculously discover the "fountain of youth", we can always can't on the Dallas D to blow the game open for the Bucs.

So can the Cowboys beat the 5-2 Buccaneers? If this parity filled NFL has shown us anything, the answer is of course yes. But a 4th loss for the Cowboys does look quite promising.

Of course the Eagles will still have to take care of their own business against the the Falcons. We know games aren't played on paper, but if they were the Eagles' offense against the Falcons' defense should be a mismatch in the Eagles' favor. JJ also has to be salivating at the chance to go up against a rookie QB.

I can already see the standings come Sunday night. Sitting at the bottom of the NFC East are the 4-4 Cowboys. Creeping ever closer to the top are the 4-3 Eagles. But if the Phillies sweep the Rays, who cares about the Eagles come Sunday night, right?

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Anonymous said...

Being a GMen fan, I can only share the sentiments that the hatred for "America's team" (or former team now) takes me away from seeing/enjoying what's going on with the rest of the NFC East. However, the NFC East is on the map of the NFL and are a force to reckon with. GO BIG BLUE! GO BUCS!!

Anonymous said...

Phillies? phhhft Who cares... Talking about baseball in lieu of football it is like talking about Tofu instead of Steak.