Friday, October 3, 2008

The Week The Eagles Disappeared

Remember the green? Anyone still care about the Eagles this week? Big NFC East game this weekend...anyone in Philly still care?

I never thought I would write this, but I think the city is beginning to forget about the Eagles. The Phillies (and deservedly so) have stolen the city's spotlight, attention, and fans. When you talk about the Phillies this week, it is nothing but positives. Clutch pitching, timely hitting, overcoming last year's playoff embarrassment. When you talk about the Eagles this week, well there really hasn't been much talk about the Eagles this week. Just Reid is an idiot, and we all already knew that.

And as this is only week 1 of the MLB playoffs, one begins to wonder what happens if the Phillies are able to make an extended run through the playoffs. Hey, the NL favorite Cubs are down 0-2. The Phils have already shown they can handle the Dodgers. Is it really unreasonable to think a World Series berth isn't possible. If the Phillies do end up in the World Series, well the Eagles may be screwed.

I have been saying all week how this weekend's game against the Redskins is a must win game. My reasoning was that the Eagles can't start 0-2 in divisional games. Well I utter the same "must-win" statement, but my reasoning has changed. The Eagles need to win to keep the city's interest. Going 2-3 against a red-hot Phillies playoff team is not a battle the boys in Green can win in this city.

One final question...Philly fans are STARVING for a major sport championship. What happens if the Phillies win the title this year. Will Philly fans give the other city teams a break, a free pass for down seasons as we relish and savor a title? If so, the Eagles 2008 season becomes a forgotten one.


Anonymous said...

Right on! So true!

colonel said...

Hey, remember how Charlie Manual was the idiot coach and Andy Reid was the genius? Well, I guess we all got that wrong!!!