Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a Joke

Hmm, I don't have Doppler radar, but a quick flip to the weather channel and I saw that rain and miserable conditions were in store for Game 5 last night. But since TV is god and MLB is a slave to the money, well of course the game was started.

And of course, just as everyone but the ones in charge of running MLB expected, the rain came. And then the rain got worse. And then of course MLB had to wait for the Rays to tie the game. MLB (Bud Selig) now had a safe out, game tied, so let's suspend play.

What a crock of sh*t. What an embarrassment to the game of baseball, the World Series, to the Rays and Phillies, and most importantly the fans attending the game. My thoughts were summed up perfectly by the below quote from a Phillies pitcher:

That (expletive deleted) guy,” one pitcher said as he saw commissioner Bud Selig before walking out the back door of the clubhouse. “I wouldn’t let him supervise one of my (bowel movements). He has no clue. Not one (expletive deleted) clue.”

The easy response is to say, we have waited 25 years, what is one more day. Good luck trying to pass off that excuse to any fan sitting down at the park last night or the Phillies who no longer have their ace as a pitching option.

No one ever said that breaking this title drought was going to be easy. I just didn't think that the Phillies toughest opponent would be battling the common sense of one idiotic commissioner.

So now we wait.


Anonymous said...

Selig is a moron.

colonel said...

Well, it could get worse, there is talk that after he finally leaves the White House, George W Bush would like to be Baseball Commissioner! Just imagine that!!